Introduction to Sabai Property

Welcome to Sabai Property – a marketplace for investing in tokenized real estate from anywhere in the world with a minimal entry threshold of $50! Here, you can purchase a share in your preferred property and receive rental income or warranty payments from the developer, as well as profit from the appreciation of the property value.
The choice of what to invest in is yours! We will exert every effort to grow your capital!

Investments in resort real estate, accessible to everyone!

Sabai Property is the flagship venture of Sabai Ecoverse, a digital product ecosystem at the intersection of Web3, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and real income-generating property investments.
In turn, Sabai Ecoverse is a project of an international group of companies based in Singapore and Panama, created by professionals with over 12 years of experience in property management and sales in Phuket and around the world.
One of our founders also represents the developer of major projects such as Layan Green Park, Layan Verde, and LaVista Villas, which were among the first tokenized assets on the Sabai Property platform.

What opportunities does Sabai Property offer?

  • Investments in resort real estate in Phuket with a entry threshold of $50 or the purchase of 1 square meter.
  • Simple and fast creation of a diversified asset portfolio for stable passive income. Weekly payouts from profitable real estate, with the possibility of daily payouts in the near future.
  • Increased liquidity through the instant sale of a share for 80% of its value, and soon the implementation of a secondary market in the form of an bid book.
  • A reliable structure for storing, processing, and transferring assets built on smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain.